Save 50 BUCKS! Quick, Easy Fix for Dell Inspiron 15

Dell Inspiron Quick Fix
keyboard Dell Inspiron 15

What the Dell???

One of our customers spilled diet soda on her Dell Inspiron 15.  The computer guy wanted $75!  However, as you probably already know, the heroes at USADIYGUYS were not going to let that injustice stand.

Take a look at how we repaired this quickly and easily here:

Why DIY?

This keyboard is readily available on sites like  Amazon and for a terrific price of $15.  This fix takes minutes and really no prior experience or special skills whatsoever.  Laptops have become much more modular over time, with manufacturers offering many more options for customer replaceable parts.  Indeed, as competition in the marketplace intensifies, even as tablets such as Apple’s iPad (Apple) consume market share once dominated by laptops, manufacturers will strive to make their products more customer friendly.

Enter the case of the Dell Inspiron 15, a value based but reliable computer targeting the ever growing ranks of part time home-based workers and side-hustlers. This computer sells at Best Buy for under $500, but promises functionality and reliability of a laptop nearly twice that. In addition, the manufacturer made this laptop easy to repair and maintain. As you will see from the video, this fix is fast, easy and almost impervious to failure.  Furthermore, once you add in the fact that this costs about $15, and is easy to complete even while binge watching Stranger Things, there really is no downside.

Of course, if you encounter any challenges, or if the damage does not appear to be isolated to the keyboard, then seek professional help.  We are in no way vilifying the paid professionals that repair computers as their bread and butter…we are just trying to help our followers save a few bucks if they are able.

This fix is simple.  Gently remove keyboard cover.  Remove keyboard.  Gently remove ribbon cable and replace with new keyboard, done!

In conclusion, this as a DIY project is a slam dunk.  Especially, We hope you enjoyed the video and post.  If so, subscribe!

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