Upgrade 2012 MacBook Pro With SSD, 2nd HD and 16 GB Ram

The 2012 Apple MacBook Pro is still a great selling product. Why is a 5 year old laptop still doing well?  SCALEABILITY!  MacBooks are no question very well made, but the differentiator here is the end user ability to DIY an upgrade.

The 2012 MacBook, unlike its newer relatives, has no onboard RAM, nor is the flash memory integrated into the motherboard.  While those newer technologies have their benefits, they do certainly limited the upgrade path of the machine.  Those of us on a budget would be limited to 8GB of RAM and a 128 GB hard drive.

The very MacBook (2012) that I am typing this on was sourced nearly for free. The previous owner felt it was obsolete. A few DIY tweaks and this machine runs unbelievably fast.

First, I upgraded the RAM. Moving to 16GB took just a few minutes and was quite economical. ($108 for two).

After installing the RAM, I added a 240 GB Solid State Drive and installed macOS Sierra. This made startup lightning fast. ($75).

Next, I removed the optical drive, and used a hard drive caddy to install a 1gb HDD to make up for storage. This hard drive caddy was an unbelievably easy upgrade and added huge amounts of storage to my Mac.
For under two hundred bucks I have an Apple MacBook that arguably performs, for most tasks, comparably to a brand new MacBook Air.

There are many used 2012 MacBooks still being sold on the market and they are a great bargain for Tech-Savvy DIYers.  These MacBooks have the added benefit of being loaded with ports, items that Apple appears to be pairing down from its newer models.

I have some video and photos of the upgrade process, and I am happy to share them!


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