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HomeBrite Smart LED Bulb by FEIT Electric

This innovative product is a fraction of the price of other products and performs just as well if not better.


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We don’t usually do product reviews but this innovative automation bulb blew us away!

Our attention was immediately drawn to the price: A fully automated LED light for under 13 bucks!  It sounded too good to be true, and after a closer look, it almost is.

The “catch” is that the automation is not managed by WiFi, but by a Bluetooth enabled smartphone.  Although this could be construed as a detriment by some, we actually found it quite convenient.

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The bulb that we tested was a “standard” A19 base light bulb, but it does come in other configurations. This is a standard A19 base light bulb that appears at first glance to resemble an incandescent bulb. The design is unobtrusive and would blend into any fixture that accepts an A19 base. It puts out 800 lumens and is advertised as a 60W replacement, using only 9W. We tested it in an indoor ceiling fixture and an outdoor porch fixture without issue (see photos).



When installed in a light socket the bulb will function as normal: it will turn on and off with a switch. Initially the bulb will flash once to indicate that it is ready to pair. The Application for controlling the bulb, is downloaded for FREE from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. The app can also control multiple bulbs.

The menu of the app is very intuitive.

The app provides a list of all of the light bulbs and allows for on/off or dimming.

The app also allows for customized scheduling fordefinite or indefinite periods.

Total setup for two light bulbs out of the box for a week-long schedule with multiple intervals was approximately 10 minutes.
While some might hold the opinion that Bluetooth admin vs. WiFi is a weakness, we feel that it offers several strengths:

  1. No Network/Router Needed. It operates entirely with a phone. This means less concern about outages, and better security.
  2. Ease of install. Because there is no network configuration, it just installs and goes.
  3. Customization. Because each bulb houses it’s own control, even bulbs on the same circuit or even switch may independently dim or turn on/off.

As mentioned earlier, this product really impressed us with its value. If any other DIYers out there find an automated light controller out there with similar value, please let us know.
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Save Time, Save Money, Live Life.

Smart LED Light Buld

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