Why DIY?

DIY enthusiasm has ebbed and flowed through the years and its popularity is usually reflected in pop-culture.  “Home Improvement”, a TV show starring actor Tim Allen, flourished through the 1990’s.  Subsequently, the establishment and growth of “big-box” retailers paralleled the enthusiasm and demand for building products.  The fervor for DIY seemed to wane in the last 8-10 years, but change is in the air.  Millennials, whom are often criticized for many things including their so-called desire for participation trophies and their perceived lack of social skills, are fueling a new trend in do-it-yourself projects.  This is true of the generation that is close behind, so-called Generation Z.


Google launched in 1998, when even the oldest Millennial was in their 20’s…Generation Z was not even born yet and Facebook hit the scene just six years later.  The absence of WiFi in a public place is now an anomaly.  These groups have been immersed in an ocean of information and would likely need to check Wikipedia to understand an encyclopedia.  Information, ANY information has always been at their fingertips.  How to change a tire? Youtube.  Just made your breakfast? Instagram it, Snapchat it, then tweet the recipe.  Some older millenials will also still Facebook it ;).

In other words, the knowledge needed to do something yourself has never been easier to come by, or easier to share.  The sense of accomplishment of building something is now possible to share with everyone you know, and more, instantaneously.

Train table I built 12 years ago…now covered in decorations…shared only via email 🙁 due to no social media.


The increased availability of materials, and the accessibility of knowledge are two major reasons why DIY is exploding and also why it offers a high return on investment ($$ savings and benefit from time spent).  Another major reason is the tremendous advancement in technology relating to building traders.  Plumbing, carpentry, electrical have all experienced mammoth increases in technology and gadgets available to DIYers that make jobs easier and more fun.   One of my favorite groups of products are the many tools manufactured by Kreg. Visit

These are tools incredible timesavers that cut project times literally in half, eliminate complex steps that required advanced skills, and reduce the need to buy other costly gear.

DIY trends have increased and decreased over time.  However, with today’s tech, tech savvy consumers, and availability of materials, it looks like the DIY wave will rise forever.  USA DIY GUYS are definitely excited about it.  Thanks for reading!

Save Time, Save Money, Live Life.

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